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Northwick Park

Puppy Obedience and Socialisation Classes - WEMBLEY (EVENING)

£ 130 / 5 classes

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Puppy Obedience and Socialisation Classes - WEMBLEY (EVENING)
Puppy Obedience and Socialisation Classes - WEMBLEY (EVENING)

Idő és helyszín

2022. júl. 11. 19:00 – 20:00

Northwick Park, Harrow HA1 3GX, Egyesült Királyság

Az eseményről

Puppy Training is a set of 5 structured training classes, running for 60 minutes on a Monday evening in Northwick Park. The next 4 classes will be on the following 4 Mondays at the same time and place. Price: £ 130 / 5 classes

This fun and rewarding training teach you the basic obedience skills and socialisation that will give your puppy great foundations for life. Small classes with a maximum of 6 puppies to ensure you get the full attention you need for success.

What will we learn?\

1. class

  • Introduction
  • Short talk about practicing
  • Watch/Focus command
  • Sit command
  • Biting and jumping prevention
  • Playing time

2. class

  • Down command
  • Leave it command
  • Drop it command
  • Accept handling
  • Playing time

3. class

  • Stay command
  • Heel command
  • Nice walk on the leash
  • Playing time

4. class

  • Recall
  • Stay next to me until permission to go
  • How to be sociable with humans, children and other dogs
  • Playing time

5. class

  • Questions - any part of your life where you need advice
  • Basic Veterinary Care advice and answer questions
  • Exam
  • Certifications about the successful pass of the training
  • Playing time

The course is designed for puppies aged 12 weeks to 6 months. Early training and socialisation are the keys to the prevention of behavioural issues. All the puppies need to have their entire vaccination course attended on course. For the attending, please fill-up the registration form on the website! → Registration

I can't wait to work with you and your little one! :)


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