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About me

I am insured by PetPlan and have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.




Dog Obedience Trainer, Behaviour Consultant & Veterinary Assistant

International Society of Animal Professionals & International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants

(Head Trainer, Owner & Founder)

I have had a lifelong affinity for animals since I was a child. Growing up with numerous animals in my surroundings, I developed a deep understanding and connection with them.

My journey into dog training began many years ago when I started training my family's German Shepherd Dog. GSDs have always been a part of my home and family, but we also had other breeds. I got a diploma as a dog trainer & behaviour consultant. I am still doing my master's degree in Canine Behaviour & Psychology to become a Canine Behaviourist.

In addition to running my own dog training company and working with my own clients, I also took on a role at an international dog training and daycare company based in Central London. However, in 2020, I made the decision to leave that position and focus solely on my own dog training company. This move allowed me to devote my full attention and energy to my own business, ensuring I can provide the highest level of personalized service to my clients and their dogs.
With my vast experience and expertise, I have successfully trained countless dogs of all ages, ranging from puppies to adult dogs. My training repertoire extends beyond obedience training to tackling complex behavioral issues. 

In addition to my passion for dog training, healthcare has been a significant aspect of my life. I pursued studies in human medical schools in Hungary, specializing in areas such as health visiting and pharmacy assistance. While in the UK, I further pursued my interest in animal care by attending a school to become a veterinary assistant. This dedication led me to work at Barnfield House Veterinary Centre in Harrow for nearly two years. During this time, I gained valuable experience and knowledge in the field of veterinary care, further enhancing my understanding of animals' health and well-being.
I am at home with my young children, so I have only limited space for training. 
Now we have a French Bulldog in our family, Mango.


  • Diploma in Canine Training

  • BSc Canine Behaviour & Psychology

  • MSc Canine Behaviour & Psychology (in progress)

  • Diploma in Veterinary Care

  • Certification in Canine Nutrition


  • Hungarian

  • English

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