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Educational classes about having a dog

Our goals are to promote responsible dog ownership, prevent taking the puppies back to the breeder and prevention of kids' accidents caused by dogs

Classes start in September. (more info about days and time are coming soon)

Book for the class; please send an email with your full name, which class you wish to come to and how many people want to come with you?


Future pawrents educational class


45 minutes

Did you know many of the puppies are going back to the breeder after few days/a week because owners didn't know what they will expect?

Most common reasons are: " I didn't know this is a hard job" or "I just realised I'm not ready for this yet" or "My friends are having a Labrador and that dog is completely different from my Labrador" or "My puppy is aggressive, because he is biting"...etc

This is not good for the puppies and even for the people, because it's a hard decision.

In this class we are talking about:

  • what you could expect

  • talking about "puppy blues"

  • how you need to choose a right dog

  • dog ownership responsibilities

  • talk about dog training and socialise's importance

Kids & Dogs educational class


30 minutes
* charity class - money will go to a chosen animal shelter

Do you or your kid(s) know what should to do around dogs which is safe?

During our training (and our private life, too) we see kids in the park on the street, how they want to interact with dogs and most of those situations are dangerous.

When the family got a puppy younger kids (and sometimes elder kids, too) are behaving badly with the puppy and some situation lead to the dog's defensive response towards the kids and then the dog labelled "aggressive puppy/dog", but most of the time is not aggressive behaviour that the dog has, only normal defensive behaviour which is come from misunderstanding communication between kids and dogs.

In this class we are talking about:

  • dog ownership responsibilities

  • how children should interact with a dog

  • safety information

  • games

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